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Since the time when a huge number of gambling sites appeared on the Internet, many players have had access to their interesting entertainment, including the popular Poker online. This card game is famous for the fact that it is dedicated to large international tournaments, which attract fairly well-known players around the world who managed to gain great fame from their fans. To date, these celebrations can be visited by anyone who has a connection to the world wide web. Thus, WPT free Poker has now become the property of any active user.

Everyone who has been training their memory for a long time and gaining the necessary experience often playing free Poker is persistently preparing themselves to participate in the World Poker Tour, which is a series of rather prestigious tournaments with most leading professionals. It is these events that occupy the highest places in the ratings and their finals are broadcast on television across the planet. Unlike the WSOP, held annually in Las Vegas, WPT are held in many cities in the United States and other countries.

Interesting information about World Poker Tour

It is noteworthy that many specialized gaming platforms offer their customers profitable WPT Poker free, where you can have fun without spending a single cent, chat with famous personalities, learn a lot of useful information, and also become a participant in the next tournament.

The famous WPT has long been a well-known brand, which was founded on May 27, 2002 in America and since then a huge number of tournaments have been held around the world. The tour is conducted by season rather than by year and is televised in more than 150 countries. Winners are awarded WPT Champions Cups with their names engraved. Here’s how to get involved in this prestigious event:

  1. Most of those who want to participate in tournaments can access them through WPT free Poker, where mini qualification tournaments (satellites) are organized, the winners of which receive a ticket for a larger event. Since here is online Poker legal, it will not be difficult for anyone to register on the site to get such an opportunity.
  2. The more famous users who have left their mark on Poker receive exclusive invitations. The cost for participation here can range from 3,500 to 20,000 dollars.
  3. Very often, players win a pass to all the events of the main round at specially organized competitions, where they will have to play in stages in several satellites with a small buy-in until a complete victory.

The largest prize pool is available in the main round, so here players receive the largest payouts. Throughout the year, participants expect the WPT Main Tour, the WPT DeepStacks in North America, the WPT DeepStacks European Tour, the WPT Asia Pacific Tour and the WPT India Tour.

WPT free Poker 2020

Everyone who managed to become a member of free WPT Poker, probably managed to feel the full benefits of this event. Here are the activities planned for this year:

  • From January 17 to January 22, the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open was held, where Brian Altman won with a prize of $ 482,636;
  • From February 21-24, WPT Fallsview Poker Classic took place, where Eric Afriat won $ 394,120;
  • From February 29 to March 4, the WPT LA Poker Classic will be held;
  • March 7-10, WPT Rolling Thunder;
  • From March 13 to March 17, everyone will be able to visit the WPT DeepStack Showdown.

2020 will be quite eventful and the number of tournaments will be very large, so those who wish to participate in them should take care of this today.

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