How to play WPT poker and join tournaments

World Poker Tour is a series of global tournaments which gathers thousands of players, while their Main Event is broadcasted on TV in more than 150 different countries. The winner of this competition gets a huge prize in cash. It depends on buy-ins and the number of participants but it was never less than $380 000. In the best years gamblers received millions of dollars as a reward. This guide will tell you how to play WPT poker and the ways to join their poker tournaments.

Where to play WPT poker?

There are lots of events you can join in 2020:

  • Main Tour;
  • Alpha8;
  • WPT500;
  • WPTDeepStacks;
  • National Events;
  • Regional Events;
  • WPT League;
  • Club WPT (online);
  • Special events.

WPT has events worldwide, so it’s a great way to travel around the globe and play your favorite games. Also, each event has a decent prize pool, which can be yours in case you’ll win. The buy-ins differ depending on tournament ranking. The highest one are for the main event ($3500 – 20 000$) and for Alpha8 that is a tournament for high rollers with $100 000 buy-in.

You can play WPT poker anywhere, in case you have enough money to enter the competition. At the same time, its not the only way to join. You can get your place in big events buy winning smaller competitions, even in online casinos. This often includes not only a ticket to the tournament, but also accommodation, food and even cash.

WPT tours usually last one year and include many competitions. There is a special leader board for players that are the best at the end of the tour. The winners are determined by the number of points gamblers collected. These points give them free place in the next events, cash prizes, free accommodation etc.

How to play WPT poker on the web: online poker games

World Series of Poker gives you an opportunity to try your favorite games just at home. You’ll be able to play WPT poker Texas Holdem online, as well as other poker free online games. They also have apps for Android and iOS to gamble on mobile. If you’re beginner, you can try their LearnWPT program, which will provide you with educational tools on the game, strategies, tournaments etc.

As a bottom line, here are the main reasons to play with WPT:

  1. You travel around the world.
  2. There are lots of tournaments with various entry level.
  3. You can win really big money when you play WPT poker.
  4. You can improve your skills with their educational program.
  5. There are free games to play online from mobile.

At last, participating in such events is just fun and you’ll meet lots of new people.

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